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About Hillord

As a young and quintessential company, Hillord limited commenced its operations in 2014 delivering healthy livestock feeds & supplements. Hillord’s experienced founding team comprises of professionals with vast expertise in Animal nutrition, health, feed additives and formulation. Based out of UK, Hillord caters to the global livestock market, focusing primely on South Asia and Middle East regions. Hillord limited offers top notch feed additives and premixes to meet the nutritional requirement of poultry, aquaculture and dairy. The wide Portfolio includes Vitamin and Mineral premixes, Mold inhibitors, Acidifiers, Mycotoxin Binders, Powder and Liquid nutritional supplements.

Global presence and Quality standards:

With health as a compelling need, strong nutrition has become a critical factor globally. To meet the growing demands for quality products in animal nutrition, Hillord has fostered partnerships with global players with state of art facilities to ensure the best products to the market, on time, every time. Hillord processes and products comply with the globally accepted quality assurance systems such as GMP+, HACCP, ISO and LABCO. With an extensive sales and marketing infrastructure vested in India and other countries, Hillord enjoys a healthy stride of an income base spread across all the parts of the globe. With an uninterrupted research and development cycle, synchronized logistics team and quality-centric practices, Hillord is dedicated to bring differentiated products across several platforms, including Health, Nutrition and novel drug delivery systems.

Why Hillord:

Apart from the essentials that Hillord delivers effectively, it is the values and principles it stands for that makes it the neo-contemporary company in the Livestock industry.Hillord’s success philosophy is based upon four core principles that is central to all its initiatives:

Vision & Mission:

Hillord Limited’s vision is to lead as a neo-contemporary company in the field of Livestock feeds and strive in its purpose of creating a healthy, safe and better tomorrow in Animal Nutrition.

Hillord Limited’s mission is to passionately provide the highest possible quality products for sustainable animal nutrition through constant innovation, and to work along with the customer to build sustained organic growth in terms of Business and ethics.

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