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The different mode of action

Aviacil has a strong acidifying effect in the stomach. For optimal protein digestion the pH in the stomach needs to be around 3. Aviacil reduces the buffer capacity of the feed, it will maintain its acidifying abilities in the stomach. This way, Aviacil will achieve a fast reduction of the pH value in the stomach, creating an optimal environment for digestion of proteins. Aviacil lowers the pH in the stomach of the animal to approximately 3 which prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria like E-Coli and Salmonella.


  • Optimal release of acids and salts, in the whole digestive tract.
  • Creates optimal environment for digestion of proteins.
  • Supports healthy gut micro flora.
  • Effective on diarrhoea and other bacterial related digestive disorders.
  • Improves litter consistency.
  • Improved feed conversion, better economics.
  • Suppression of salmonella transmission to eggs and carcass.
  • Easy to mix with all kinds of feed (non corrosive).
  • Preservation of finished feed.
  • Premix
  • Layers : 0.5 kg / tonne of feed
  • Broilers : 0.5kg/ tonne of feed
  • Breeders : 0.5kg to 1.0kg/ tonne of feed
  • Blend of organic acids and their salts.
  • Essential Oils.
  • 25 kg multi layered hdpe bags.
  • With inner liners.
  • 1 litre bottle.
  • 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • Store at cool and dry place.
  • 1-2 ml per litre of water.

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