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Create the difference with Avispark

Superior blend of amino acids, vitamins, chelated trace minerals, probiotics, yeast, enzymes with essential oils.

High level of production and efficient feed are the need of the modern poultry industry. The demand for high productivity requires additional supplementation of critical nutrients to ensure performance upto potential. In today`s scenario poultry producers are faced with choosing from a myriad of growth promoters. The product chosen as growth promoters should contribute directly towards meeting the requirements along with safety and reliability to produce high economic returns.

Avispark is a fortified formulation that helps to bridge the nutritional gap due to increased demand, there by maximizing the production and economic returns. Avispark is available as Premix Aminoacids, Vitamins, Chelated Trace Minerals, Probiotics, Yeast, Enzymes, Base fortified with calcium and phosphorus.


  • Broilers : Enhances Body Weight & FCR
  • Broilers : Improves Livability & Dressing Yield
  • Broilers : Enhances skin & tissue strength
  • Breeders : Improves Fertility & Hatchability in Female
  • Breeders : Improves Semen quality in male
  • Breeders : Improves Egg Shell Quality
  • Breeders : Improves Immune Status
  • Layers : Improves Egg Production
  • Layers : Improves Egg & egg shell quality during Peak laying Period
  • Layers : Improves Immune status & Livability
  • To Bridge the nutritional gap in all production related deficiencies.
  • In conditions of Stress, Weakness, Production Drop & Fluctuation, Uneven flock weight etc.,
  • Avispark Premix: 500 gms-1 kg / ton of feed
  • Avispark Premix: 25 kgs

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