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The sentinel for Binding & Detoxification

Mycotoxins are hazardous compounds produced by moulds worldwide. Mycotoxins are poisonous to human as well animals. They seldom occur alone. One mould is capable of producing multiple mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins interference levels

-Young animals >10 PPB
-Older animals >20 PPB
-Laying hens >20 PPB
-Turkey >20 PPB

Factors promoting mould growth:

-Dry growing environment and drought stress
-During storage: Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation

Important effects of toxins:

-Immuno Suppression
-Poor growth and FCR.
-Organ damage and mortality
-Negative effects on nutrient levels and uptake.

  • Effective Binding of Mycotoxins in GIT through Physiosorption and Chemisorption
  • Controls Oxidative Damage and Enhance Detoxification
  • Improves Immune Status
  • No Interactions with Nutrients
  • Prevents Liver and Organ Damage Especially Intestine
  • 500 Gms to 1 Kg/Mt of Feed or as Directed by the Nutritionist
  • Package contain of 25 kgs

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