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Lives to Protect & Care the Liver

Liver is the crucial organ that carries out various metabolic activities to maintain the normal physiological functions of the animal. Normally liver is exposed to numerous toxins and chemicals. The liver damages are caused by : mycotoxins, harmful chemicals, fatty liver syndrome, infections and drug metabolites. In order to protect the bird we need to protect and care for liver.


Unique blend of liver extract, choline, aminoacids, vitamins, yeast extract precisely combined with selected phytic extracts.


  • Protects the liver from damages caused by toxins, chemicals and other causes.
  • Helps the liver to regenerate from adverse effects.
  • Prevents fatty liver and excessive lipid deposition.
  • For better livability and productivity.
  • Layers 500 gms/mt of feed
  • Broilers: 1 kg/mt of feed
  • Breeder: 1 kg/mt of feed
  • Or directed by nuritionist
  • Package contains 25 kgs

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