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(Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumerate 10%)

Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumerate is effective against Mycoplasma species, Leptospira and a broad range of Gram+ve and Gram-ve Pathogens.

  • Each Kg of THF-10 feedmix Contains Tiamulin Hydrogen Furmerate 100 Gm
  • 500 gm per Mt of feed for 7 days once in a month or as directed by the veterinarian
  • Controls mycoplasma infection
  • Better immune response
  • Controls mortality and morbidity due to CRD
  • Improves FCR and weight gain
  • Improves egg production in CRD affected birds
  • Enhances performance during Mycoplasmosis
  • 1 Kg

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