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Enhance your profit via vitaline


  • Increases the calcium availability, resolving the shell problems
  • Microbiological control, fewer dirty eggs.
  • Provides micro ingredients which increase the albumen density.
  • Prevents and relieves all types of stress conditions.
  • Improves the immune status of the bird.
  • Strengthens the vitaline membrane there by improves the yolk consistency.
  • Improves hatchability in breeders.
  • Improves the semen quality in males.
  • Enhances the FCR.


Vitamins, Organic Selenium, Carotenoids and Phytic extracts.

  • Layers: 100 Gms / MT of feed
  • Broilers: 200 Gms / MT of feed
  • 100 gm pouch

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